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We all have hopes and dreams for our welfare and future along with those who are attached to us. The reality is sometime life gives us a bowl of lemons and demands that we make lemonade. It can be daunting, painful, and full of uncertainties. However, we have an assurance in the GOD, the creator and source of life and all there is. 


In Notes of Reassurance Elijah Bradford provides stories of trials and triumphs. He encourages the reasder through these pages of personal quest and creative allegories to hold on to the promises of God in the deepest and darkest hours of life. 


As you read through the pages find yourself in the story. How would you respond? What is the lesson? 


Notes of Reassurance is sure to uplift you and give you courage in the times of adversity. 

Notes of Reassurance - A Practical Guide to Handling the Storms of Life

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